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light turned candle holder

On one of our recent trips to Resource York, my husband and I stumbled upon a very rusty & dusty light. I loved it right away, with it's swirly glass and all. Adam looked at it, decided that we could avoid rewiring it by turning it into a candle holder. Sold.

We got home and took that sucker apart. It was dirty and had dead bugs in it, but with a little soap and water, it was beginning to look better already.

With a little elbow grease and steel wool, Adam scrubbed up the black metal frame. 
When it came to the lid, we decided that it was too rusty to salvage.

Bummer, right?! Well, not entirely...
The rustiness inspired a new idea: turn the light over and make a new base for it.


recovered lampshade

Ever since I painted an accent wall in our home office/craft room… I’ve been dying to bring in some fun fabrics and accents. Years ago, I bought a set of clip lamps from Pier 1 on super sale. I loved how they clipped onto each end of my futon in my college studio apartment in Seattle. Since moving into our new home, they haven’t quite found a home for themselves yet…and have actually been split up into 2 locations. One of them is clipped on to my sewing table. I was never really fond of the lamp shades, but they were neutral and worked well in my old space. Up against my white table and white bookshelves, the lamp shade was looking pretty blah…

So I decided to spruce it up with some fun fabric.


Here is what you’ll need to make your own fabric covered lamp shade:

a lamp shade [of course]
a piece of fabric big enough to wrap around your shade
a hot glue gun
coordinating ribbon
iron/ironing board


a cactus house

I’ve been wanting a terrarium for a really long time and I just couldn’t find the right vessel for it. I wanted something unique and unusual but nothing I saw was really cutting it. I’m very lucky that my husband has a creative mind and can see the potential in different objects. This isn't so much of a "how-to" as a post that will hopefully inspire you to make your own unique terrarium. Here is where our terrarium story began...

This past Christmas, there was an oddly shaped present under our Christmas tree. I wasn't allowed to look at it, touch it, shake it, move it or think about it - I just had to sit and rip the paper off of it when I was told to do so. To my surprise, it ended up being this – a beautiful vintage glass light (minus all the inside pieces and parts that a light usually has).

Although, it wasn't so pretty when Adam bought it at Resource York and few weeks prior. From what I was told, it was a little dirty and it was brass (totally outdated).

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