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spring: a long to-do list

So far this spring, we've been busy.

We've been grinding tree stumps...

Admiring the wildlife...

...and de-bushing the side yard

We have a lot of landscaping to do, but at this point, it is low on our Spring to-do list. 

We have quit a few flowers and plants coming up in the front beds that we inherited with the house. We plan on waiting to see what comes up first before adding too many other new plants. That way, we can see what we have... decide what to keep... and transplant to other areas of the yard without spending a lot of money.

Right now the beds are quite the mess... but we do have some pretty tulips as well as some peonies (?)
Hey, anything is better than what he had when we first moved in. Large, half dead bushes that hadn't been cut back in years. You could barely see the house...

Anyway...To spruce up the front beds just a little bit, we decided to put in a little barrier wall. When we moved in we threw down a few large pieces of stone, just to keep the beds from falling off into the driveway.

They were sort of ugly, but they did the trick. Last weekend I wake up from a nap to find that these had been torn out and Adam was planning on building a better wall. We took a trip over to my aunt and uncles to get some left over blocks from their backyard make over and we got to work.

Brick by brick...with a little bit of leveling in between...
We ended up with this:

MUCH better than what we had before.
( before picture...I was napping when Adam started)

Oh...and of course, a shot of the "Barefeet" we inherited from Adam's grandparents:

Other projects on our Spring to do list:
(not necessarily in order)

Powerwash the brick siding
Paint the lovely green exterior
Mulch the side and backyard
Get quotes to widen the driveway
Make some planters for herbs
Fix the porch roof that was broken from our tree incident

...and more to add, I'm sure...

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