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This page will be dedicated to some of the DIY projects we tackle along the way. I love "side by sides"... it makes you feel like you've really accomplished something. Check back for updates!

[ 10 ] my $1 yard sale stool
It's amazing what some fabric and spray paint can do to transform a $1 stool. Check out the full post HERE.

[ 9 ] crocheted pillow cover
When you have lots of old pillows and the means to recovering them, you have to come up with creative ideas to spruce them up. Check out my crocheted pillow cover tutorial HERE.

                                  BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

[ 8 ] pipe shelf entertainment center
When our old TV stand began to bow under the weight of our TV, it was time to mount it on the wall. From there, a new entertainment center was constructed to bring some balance into our room. You can read more about the project HERE.

                                  BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

[ 7 ] chair facelift
When this pallet showed up at work I was saddened by the state of these chairs. Living in a warehouse for who knows how long will do that to a white cushion. With a little bit of TLC and some fun fabric, I was able to give these chairs new life.

[ 6 ] closet organization
With a teensy bathroom and LOTS of stuff, we needed to make our hall closet as functional as possible. We needed it to accommodate a filing cabinet, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper/paper towels, a wireless router, and overflow "bathroom goodies" for when we tackle our bathroom remodel. In it's current state, it was sad and dirty. Now it has a fresh coat of paint, extra racks and is functional for a number of uses.

Everything has it's place in this little closet, which makes life easy...

[ 5 ] dirty door
I thought I'd give you a close up of our front door since we paid a lot of attention to that dirty old thing while painting the house. Of course...I failed to get "before" pictures while the door was still green so I roughly photoshopped that lovely color back in (it pained me to do so - but it was important to be able to see the change).

It really is amazing what a little cleaning, a fresh coat of paint and a pretty new door mat can do for your house. We actually USE our front door now - which is a nice change.

[ 4 ] goodbye green
When we fell in love with our wasn't because of it's hideous green paint or overgrown bushes... Yikes. 
listing picture
With a little a lot of work, we have transformed it into something that we're proud of. Check out how we chose our paint color. We still have some landscaping to do, but that'll come with time...

And if you can't quit get the full effect of what we were dealing with...check this out:

Much better :)

[ 3 ] tree table
A tree fell on our house. We made it into a table. A tree table.

[ 2 ] our family room
The red carpet didn't even last a few hours in the house after we signed the papers and got the keys. We refinished the hardwood floors, retiled the fireplace hearth, and painted the built in book shelves, mantle, walls and trim. A little "sweat equity" goes a long way. Check out the full breakdown in this Family Room Reveal post.

[ 1 ] mom mom's bench
Adam has fond memories of this bench from when he was a kid. This bench was part of his grandparent's dining set and when we gained custody of it, we couldn't help but spruce it up a bit to use when we have guests over for dinner. 


  1. Wow, great job guys. Love what you are doing.

  2. Wow, you've done some really great stuff! And I'm so glad you repainted your house; that green was hideous! Much better now. =)
    Angie from

  3. Thanks Angie! I agree - the green was terrible. We are so much happier with the grey :) Thanks for the sweet comments.

  4. These makeovers are fab. Sometimes little changes can make such a difference! Served as an inspiration to me!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by the other day and following along! Just added myself to your GFC too! :)

  6. Hi Shannon, I found you through Made with My Two Hands, your blog is really beautifully set out. I'll be following along and look forward to more makeover photos, they're my favourite! I love your bench seat, the choice of fabric and paintwork really modernizes it.

  7. Love these. Your eye for decorating shows. No wonder you chose it for a career. :)

  8. cool...I love your DIY's! glad to have found you!

  9. Awesome work! I absolutely love you creations. :) Your 'Goodbye Green' and family room revamps were so beautifully done. Keep em' coming! <3


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