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You know what's funny...

I spent the past week on vacation thinking that every sink I encountered was HUGE. Oversized. Awkwardly big.

It wasn't until today (when I got home) that I realized I felt this way because I've been living the past 5 weeks with the tiniest sink you can imagine. It's so small you can't even stick your face under it to get a drink of water. When you wash your hands, you have to be careful not to overflow all over the small countertop and onto the floor. I think it is literally 3" deep.

During my renovations, I gutted the kitchen (sink #2) and tore out the hall bathroom vanity (sink #3). I've been living with teeny tiny little sink #1 as my ONLY sink in the house.

It's funny how you can so quickly get used to something and begin to think that other things are awkwardly out of size/place because of this. Just a random thought. 

By the end of next week I should have all 3 sinks in my house fully functioning. Whatever will I do with all of these sinks!? :) Oh... and I'll be back to share the progress of the kitchen and hall bath (eventually).



I've moved!

It has been a million and one days since my last post. Today, for some reason, I felt like I wanted to blog. Maybe it's the sunshine. Or the iced americano I'm currently drinking. Or the fact that it's June 1st and I'm questioning where the year has gone.

Here's a little update about me:

I've moved.
A little 2 bedroom/2 bath condo in Lancaster, PA is now where I call home.
Isn't it cute?

These are the listing pictures. Not my furniture and stuff. If I showed you pictures of the place now (since I've moved all of my stuff in) you'd question my sanity. It is a construction zone. The hall bathroom is torn up, the kitchen is gutted, the fridge is sitting in the family room. It's cozy but dusty. And it's mine. And it's a work in progress... just like me. As soon as I can take some semi-presentable pictures, I'll share.

I don't know when my next post will be. But I do plan to post my progress as I turn this adorable little condo into my home. If you know me,  you know I'll splatter my personality ALL OVER THE PLACE. Stay tuned. I'm in way over my head... and I love it.

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