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topple pots

I don't believe "topple pots" is a technical term for these, but it's what my husband and I have been calling them since we made this next to our back patio:

me: "hey, did you water the topple pots today?"
adam: "No... I thought you did"

(for the record...Adam does most of the watering...I have a black thumb. whomp whomp)

After seeing this idea a few places online, I thought it would be the perfect thing for our newly mulched backyard (woohoo - another thing off our Spring(Summer?) to-do list). One evening after work, we took a trip to Lowe's and purchased our materials:

[1] a piece of rebar

[2] various sizes of teracotta pots
(we went with the "chocolate brown" color because we liked them better)

$20 later we were on our way home with the goods.

All this took was hammering the rebar into the ground and stacking & staggering the pots until we got a configuration that we liked. 

Here are a few helpful hints:

1. Coat your rebar with a clear acrylic to keep it from rusting.
2. If you want to "topple" your bottom pot, prop one side of the bottom with rocks and cover the rocks with mulch.
3. Buy plants after it's fully assembled so you can see what size/colors your want.

It definitely gives the backyard some character:


  1. I have a set of "topple pots" too. :)

    1. Aren't they fun!? I love them :) Thanks for the comment.

  2. I've seen them around, too, but maybe these would make a cute feature for my new patio. Just got to get to the hardware store =) xo Anja


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