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I have a bunch of addresses on my computer, but they're not always the easiest to access if I need to jot one down quick and stick it in the mail. That's what lead me to make this - an address box!

I had this pretty little yellow box from our wedding. It actually houses our "guest book." We made 3.5 x 5 note card prompts and had them sitting out on a table at the wedding for people to draw on and fill out. They were so cute and they're a great memento from our wedding. I figured (since half the box was still empty) I could use it as dual purpose and use it as our address box too.

photos by heather brincko

Here are some reasons I love an address box instead of a book:

1. If someone moves, you simply remove their card and replace it with a fresh one - No more whiteout/crossing things out/messy pages.
2. It's a pretty yellow color so it can sit out as decoration in our living room (but its also functional)
3. It also houses our "wedding guest book" so I read a few every time I go in there for an address.


Here's what you'll need to make your own:

card guides (you could always make your own)
index cards
pen, pencil, etc.
stencil (optional)

As mentioned here, I love to stencil! I started by stenciling the alphabet onto my card guides.

Then, like a crazy person, I stenciled everyone's last name at the top of their card (this took some time) and put their first name(s) & address below. When finished, I organized them alphabetically into my box. 

I love how it turned out - it's functional, cute & was simple to make.

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  1. This is so cute. I'm all about hand-written. I mean, I still use a day planner instead of just putting events in my phone/computer! So this is right up my ally.


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