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knit & crochet food

So... I'm a little obsessed with crocheted/knit food. As a kid I would have LOVED having these to play with. How fun!! I think that if I start now, I could [maybe] make all of these adorable foods below by the time we have kids down the road. 

Which one is your favorite??? I don't know if I can choose. Click the links to view more information & tutorials.

[1] crocheted hot dog by bitter sweet
[2] knitted mushroom by mama g's big craft blog
[3] knit strawberries by pezdiva
[4] crocheted bowl of ice cream by cake sachets
[5] crocheted apples by planet june
[6] crochet pizza by morbidsparks
[7] knit piece o' cherry pie by pie knits
[8] crocheted peas in a pod by lions brand
[9] crocheted eggs by mamma pyssel
[10] crochet sandwich by yummi gurumi
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1 comment:

  1. That's a yummy looking hot dog! The pizza and the eggs look yummy, too. lol These looks like fun craft. Maybe one day I'll crochet some food to go along with my daughter's kitchen set.


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