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"how to make whoopie": an adorable bridal shower gift

A few weeks ago, my co-worker told me about the cutest idea she put together for her daughter's bridal shower. She called it "How To Make Whoopie" - a gift that was centered around everything to do with making "whoopie pies."

I attended my cousin's fiances bridal shower recently and decided to make a similar version of this adorable gift. I ordered a whoopie pie pan, a whoopie pie recipe book and a wooden mixing spoon on Amazon. I wrapped them all together with ribbon & twine and finished it off with a handmade sign.

It turned out cute and the bride loved it! This is such an easy and adorable gift idea for a bridal shower. It was perfect because this bride LOVES to bake.

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  1. This is seriously so cute! I'm pinning this to remember to do for my sister's bridal shower in the spring.

  2. Great idea, Shannon. I have friend whose son is getting married soon. I'll share this idea with her.

  3. Hi Shannon! Really cute idea! I pinned it. Love the bride with the veil holding it up...classic!!

  4. HAHAH this is awesome! i may have to do this for an upcoming shower! love it!


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