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You know what's funny...

I spent the past week on vacation thinking that every sink I encountered was HUGE. Oversized. Awkwardly big.

It wasn't until today (when I got home) that I realized I felt this way because I've been living the past 5 weeks with the tiniest sink you can imagine. It's so small you can't even stick your face under it to get a drink of water. When you wash your hands, you have to be careful not to overflow all over the small countertop and onto the floor. I think it is literally 3" deep.

During my renovations, I gutted the kitchen (sink #2) and tore out the hall bathroom vanity (sink #3). I've been living with teeny tiny little sink #1 as my ONLY sink in the house.

It's funny how you can so quickly get used to something and begin to think that other things are awkwardly out of size/place because of this. Just a random thought. 

By the end of next week I should have all 3 sinks in my house fully functioning. Whatever will I do with all of these sinks!? :) Oh... and I'll be back to share the progress of the kitchen and hall bath (eventually).


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