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rope bowl

This project was one of those "I've got to make this right now" type of things. I saw it really excited...bought the supplies...and made a bunch of them. These rope bowls are fun, easy (I did it while watching tv) and they make great gifts!


Here's what you'll need to make your own:

Hot glue gun
flat work surface
rope (I used 1/4" Manilla & Sisal)

[1] Start your rope bowl by tightly coiling your rope together.
Glue every 1/2 inch or so. Continue coiling until your base is the size you want it.

[2] To build up your walls, glue your rope on top of your last coil row.
Continue around and around until you reach your desired bowl height.

[3] The bowl I made for my mom has a handle, so if you'd like to add a handle simply backtrack your rope a few times (leaving a 3 - 4 inch gap). Once your handle is the height you'd like it, continue layering your rope all the way around as you did before. 

Pretty simple, right?

[4] When you're ready to finish your bowl, bring your rope to the inside and wrap 2 to 3 rows to sturdy the top. Cut rope and glue down the cut edge as best as possible.

I made one for our keys... one for my mom... and another, just because I'm obsessed:

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  1. love this ! with one handle it looks like you could have hanging storage :)


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