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stencil crazy

This is by no means an "original" idea - putting your name on your tupperware helps it return home after taking goodies to a party or sending leftovers home with a friend. Labeling your pictures keeps them organized and easy to find. Since making my gift tags (here and here) I was in the mood to "stencil" and my sights landed on an assortment of items.


Here's what you'll need to stencil like a crazy person:

letter stencil
skinny sharpie marker
tupperware, paper, anything you want to label


There really isn't a need for "step by step" instructions. Grab some tupperware and decorate with your name - it's a cute & unique way of keeping track of what is yours. Burn your family pictures on DVDs (they hold more than regular CDs) and store them in a fire proof safe. Get some shoeboxes and organize pictures, cards and other goodies so they're easy to find when you need them. Here are some things I labeled...


... filled with 4th of July treats...


Please, someone rip the sharpie out of my OCD grip... Who knows what I'll stencil next...

 Things really feel more organized when they have a pretty label, no? makes my little OCD heart happy and that's what counts. Happy stenciling - keep it under control.


  1. So cute! I don't know why, but I wouldn't have thought to use a stencil... I always just write it myself :) But that definitely gives it a more "finished" look!

    1. Thanks Dana! It's my OCD - seriously... I have issues :) But at least it helps me to get organized.


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