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twiggy frame

I've had this picture frame for years and for the past 6 months it's been in the "yard sale" pile that we meant to get around to this Fall and never did (oh well - we'll have to wait until Spring now). I got the itch to transform something for our bedroom and my eyes landed on this frame. It was perfect.
picture frame before
I started by dissembling it: I removed the glass & unscrewed the hooks. Next, I gave it a few coats of textured spray paint (I went with the color on the right). In between coats of spray paint, I gathered up some branches from the yard. We have a little pile in the back that we need to get rid of so I rummaged through there to find some good twigs.

After the frame was painted and fully dried, I hot glued a select few branches to the frame to give it a little added texture and dimension (plus...we love trees)! I'm glad I saved this frame from the yard sale has made a great addition to our bedroom (along side some of our quote art).

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  1. How cute is that! I love the concept and the color you chose. Thanks so much for linking up at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy


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