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chevron pillow

I'm a "small project" kind of girl. I like to start something and finish it within a reasonable amount of time. When I stumbled on this Chevron Quilt tutorial I was so amazed that I knew I had to try it. For me, a quilt was too big of an undertaking. I decided that a pillow would be a great way to test it out without the commitment to a large project. I have large project commitment issues. If you'd like to make a chevron pillow, follow along :)
Here is what you'll need:
2 fat quarters (complimentary fabrics) for the front
enough fabric for the back panel of the pillow (mine was 17" x 17")
straight pins
rotary cutter & mat
sewing machine
pillow form
zipper (optional)

*** NOTE: I had a bunch of old pillows on hand, so I made my cover to fit a 16" pillow form ***

[1] I really didn't know what would be the best size block to make, so I decided that a 3" block sounded good. To get a 3" block (using 1/4" seam allowance) I cut 1 3/4" strips of both fabrics. I then sewed the 2 fabrics together to get long strips. I then pressed my seems flat.

[2] Once I had about 7 or 8 strips sewed, I started cutting them into the 3" blocks. As I cut them, I laid them out into my chevron pattern. I did this by turning each square about a quarter turn from the ones adjacent to it.

[3] Once I had enough squares, I started sewing them together. I started by sewing the squares in each diagonal row together end on end. Once all of my rows were sewn together, I started sewing the long rows together. I worked block by block until everything was connected. It helped to have all of my blocks laid out in the correct pattern - that way, I could just pick up the next one in line. It helped to cut out any confusion.

[4] Once everything was sewn together, ironed everything nice and flat and cut off the extra points on all sides of my fabric to get nice straight edges. You want to end with a piece of fabric that is 1" bigger than your pillow form. In my case, my chevron front was about 17" (for a 16" finished pillow).

[5] After the front was assembled, the rest was a piece of cake. I sewed my zipped pillow cover (using a full piece of my grey fabric for the back) and admired my new pillow:

Now I need to decide where this new pillow is going to live... 

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  1. This looks fantastic! I love that you married a small pattern with the chevron, so original. I would be afraid the pattern would make things too busy, but not at all. Great pillow and tutorial!

  2. Love it Shannon! I also like "1-hour projects" so this one is quite appropriate!

  3. This is really nice!! I love the way you made it like a quilt to have a chevron the fabric choices too! :)

    ~ Darlene

  4. I love your colors and the chevron!!!Pinning your tutorial:)

  5. Love Chevrons, Love this pillow. Thanks for sharing. I don't know if I would have the patience for that but it is beautiful. hop on over and visit. Found you on the crafty hop.

  6. Wow this turned out beautiful! Such a great tutorial ! Thank you for sharing with us at Monday Funday!

  7. Love this little Chevron Pillow! Thanks for sharing your link at my weekend link party @The Weekend re-Treat!

    Hope to see you again this weekend :)

  8. I'm really liking the pop of color in this pillow! I found your blog through the awesome shelf post at the Show and Tell Party and I see several things here that I like. Happy to be following via GFC and looking forward to more fun projects!


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