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YHL "mackelmore thrift shop" challenge

There are only a handful of blogs that I try to read everday - Young House Love is one of those. I have been reading for a few years now and love their posts, diy projects, and budget friendly house renovations. Last week they announced their "(Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge" which came at a perfect time since Adam and I had been doing a little shopping :)

Now - instead of thrift shops - we hit up a few antique stores (one of our favorite things). We saw some really neat things, some weird creepy things, and came home with a little something for the house. Here is our little antique outing, summarized in a handful of iphone pictures.

Fail #1: The "rules" stated to take a picture of you in/in front of the store with a $20 bill. I NEVER have cash. Actually, I think I had a dollar and some change in my wallet. Oh well. A credit card will always do :) 

We started our excursion at a place called Refindings. Here are some things we loved:


I tried my hardest to make a word out of the few letters they had left but didn't have much success. I did manage to snap a picture of "DIY" though. We thought those metal "cones" would make really awesome pendant lights...but since we didn't have a place for them in mind at the house, $40 was too much to spend on them.

Next we went to an antique store called Burning Bridges
It's 3 floors full of fun stuff (with a few creepy things mixed in - ummmm, a stuffed antelope???):


I really liked this tray (I thought it would be cute for jewelry, etc). I guess it was once a cigarette holder?? It had little alligators on it! Even though I liked it, I decided to pass on it.

Every time we're out, we always look for "B's"... It's turned into a little game (at least for me). We didn't buy any blocks and we also passed on the big metal B as well.

We were really tempted to get this extremely large light bulb, but at the price of $35... it was out of budget (so we just played with it for a bit).

So...out of all of this stuff, what did we end up coming home with??

This sweet letter "B" from Refinding's :)

Grand total: $4.50

Anyone else really creeped out by the stuffed antelope? Was there an antelope referenced in the song?
Regardless, we had fun spending the day shopping at some of our favorite places.

I hope some of you fellow YHL readers enjoyed our shopping excursion.

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  1. Wow, that's one nice thrift shop! Good job with the YHL challenge :)

  2. Lovely finds. I, too, participated in the YHL challenge. It was fun, but I only had 15 minutes. I did manage to find a beautiful Asian screen and a few decorative plates. Thanks for sharing your goods.

  3. Those light bulbs are amazing (never thought I'd say that about light bulbs). And I'm glad to know you found that "B" at an antique store b/c if that had been a thrift shop find I would have been verry jealous of your thrifts!

  4. A three-floor thrift shop?! I need one of those around here. Jealous.

    Stopping by from YHL. It's been fun seeing what everybody got!

  5. Very smart using the credit card!

    The light bulbs pictures hold so much potential and are wonderful!

    Well done with the challenge! (We did it early before all of the snow!)

  6. WEll you may have only got the letter B, but it is a grand letter - nice and rustic and well-shaped. It's like that with thrift stores isn't it - sometimes you are tripping over the treasures and other times nadda.

  7. Love the pictures of you guys with the light bulbs. Too cute!

  8. Found you via YHL's link party. What an awesome store! Wish had something like that over in our neck of the woods. IF we did, I guarantee it wouldn't have those great prices. :)


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