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1 minute headband

The title of this post is truer than true. It might even take you LESS than 1 minute if you're quick :)

The other day I decided that I was sick of my other headbands that I wear all the time and wanted something simple to wrangle back my curls. I had purchased some elastic ribbon over a year ago when I made these flower headbands and had a bunch left over. A quick snip & a simple knot later and I was ready to go with my new simple headband.

Here's what you'll need:
Elastic ribbon
ruler (optional)

I bought my elastic ribbon on Etsy. 
I have no affiliation with any of these shops but here are some good sources:

Wrap your ribbon around your head for a quick measurement. 
I ended up cutting my ribbon 20" long.
Tie a little knot on the end and you're ready to rock your new headband.

I told you it was simple. 

These are so fun because for pennies you can have fun stretchy headbands in lots of different colors.

Oh, I also made a bunch of stretchy hair ties. I have heard that they are better for your hair (plus they are pretty). These are for sale ALL over Etsy, but they are so easy to make if you have the supplies on hand. 

I simply wrapped the ribbon around my wrist to make sure it would be comfortable. 
I snipped my ribbon to size (8" long) and tied them in knots.
Ta-da! Just as simple as the headbands.

Enjoy your new hair accessories. Oh, and I couldn't help but share this picture.
This is for all of my curly-haired readers.


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  1. Super Cute! and perfect to have a couple in your pocket while your on vacation in Disney (which is where I want to be right now!)

  2. Those are cute ~ what a great idea! You could twist them a few times and use and a pony holder, too.
    Visiting from Diana Ramble's Linky. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  3. This is such a fabulous idea, and a genius title!!! Your title caught my eye at the link party, and I LOVE the headbands. I've got a bunch of that elastic I used for baby head bands. Thanks for helping me see that I can use them too!!! Awesome :).

  4. Super cute, Shannon. Its amazing how expensive these are in stores!!! :) love it.


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