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crocheted pillow

I have a confession to make. This project started out as an infinity scarf. Yes, I had planned to make a big, chunky grey scarf since we still have some cold weather ahead of us. When I decided to participate in One Dog Woof's Crochet Along (it's an infinity cowl) I wondered what I could turn my half finished scarf into. It dawned on me one morning before work while I was sitting on the couch - I could make a pillow!! This project really was meant to be because the width of my scarf was PERFECT size for the width of the pillow. I was thrilled. 

If you'd like to follow along and make your own pillow cover, here is what you'll need:

  • 4 skeins of medium weight yarn (I uses lions brand Medium "4" color Charcoal Gray)
  • crochet hook size K (I used an "M" because I was originally planning on this being a scarf - my gauge is a little looser than I'd like it to be).
  • yarn needle for stitching your cover together
  • pillow form

You'll need to be able to:
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
sl st - slip stich
ws - whip stitch

[1] Chain enough st so that they are as long as the width of your pillow (I had a 16" pillow and chained 35 st - this will probably be different for everyone)

[2] Double crochet every row until your cover is twice the height of your pillow (16" pillow = roughly a 32" cover). I would stop periodically and check the length of my cover to the pillow itself. You'll want to stop about an inch short so that the stretch will make your cover nice and snug.

[3] Once your cover is the length that you'd like it, slip stitch your ends together. You'll now have a crocheted tube.

[4] Once you've formed your tube, you'll still have 2 open ends on your cover. Slip your pillow into the cover and slip stitch the second end closed (it's easiest to close the end that already has the working yarn on it). Once this end is closed, secure your yarn and sew in your loose ends.

[5] Finally, with a long piece of yarn cut from one of your skeins, close up your last open end with a whip stitch.

Goodbye old pillow...hello new soft, fun crocheted pillow :)

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  1. Oh to have the patience to crochet or knit! Your pillow is so pretty Shannon. Now you will see it all the time instead of only when it is cold out! Good job.

  2. Looks fantastic. The colour choice makes it look like this was what you wanted to do right from the start.

  3. Great use for a project that was getting scrapped!! The pillow looks great and I love the color!

    ~ Darlene

  4. LOVE THIS! I've been thinking about pillows lately and think I'll do a combo of crocheted and sewn pillows (my two new hobbies!).

  5. Absolutely classy! I have two white dogs. Is it washable? I'm always thinking about dog fur!

    Many blessings,
    Sinea Ducks ‘n a Row

  6. Love your pillow covers!! Pinned:)

  7. Hi Shannon! I love your crochet pillow. I haven't done a pillow in a while and come to think of it I have a project that wasn't working out that might make a cute pillow. Thanks for the inspiration and for joining us at Transformed Tuesday.

  8. Hi Shannon,
    This pillow is adorable! What a great idea... I have a few renegade knitting projects in a bin that'd be perfect to cover a pillow with. How cozy too. Thanks for sharing!


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