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2013 holiday cards

[this post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. All opinions are my own]

So... I've spent the past 4 hours few minutes thinking about our annual Christmas card. December really snuck up on me so I need to make a decision on holiday cards... and quick!! I should have had them in the mail days ago...

Luckily, Tiny Prints has THE cutest layouts, designs & card shapes. I think I browsed through all 701 of their "holiday card" options before mocking up these 3 options below (pssst...they also have a wide variety of christmas cards, holiday party invites & gifts).

My favorite thing about Tiny Prints is that their program is so easy to use. You simply select the style you like, upload your picture(s), personalize your shape & colors and you're ready to order. They also have adorable customizable envelopes to make your cards even more fun.

Please help me select which one of these cards I should send out this year by taking the poll below. It just takes one click. After you're done voting, head on over to Tiny Prints to start customizing your own holiday cards. 

Which Christmas card is your favorite?
card #1
card #2
card #3
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Thanks so much for your help!

and thank you 
(for having such amazing cards)


  1. I love the shape of the top one! They all are so cute. I love Christmas cards... haven't figured ours out yet, though! Good luck choosing just one :)

  2. I like #2 the best! Such a good picture of you both, and I also like that Pappy is making a guest appearance in the background! :)

  3. #1 is my favourite!! they are all super cute though!

  4. i voted for 1 but not sure it went through- adorable! we did tiny prints, too!!! i need to share mine soon! :)


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