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yummy holiday treats

The whole point of Treat Week was to show you some cute, yet super simple, ideas for holiday gifts. My friend Lindsay, my mom and I made all of these treats last Sunday when we were assembling baskets for some of our clients at work. We figured the marshmallow popschai lattepistachio & cranberry bark & christmas chow would please a variety of people and would also look pretty assembled into a gift basket.

On top of all those goodies, we made reindeer cookies! Want to make your own?

Reindeer Cookie Directions

Simply bake or buy sugar cookies (we bought pre-made dough) and decorate by piping antlers using melted chocolate. Use a little chocolate to secure an M&M nose and 2 mini chocolate chip eyes. You can't go wrong with sugar cookies and the extra decorations make them very festive.

Here is my largest basket with all of the goodies assembled. I threw in some napkins, a few other store bought & homemade treats and a granite cutting board with cheese knife (we are in the flooring & granite business) and my basket was complete.

What kind of goodies do you like to receive around the holidays? Will any of the goodies from Treat Week end up in your rotation of yummy gifts this year?

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful recipes, and your gift basket looks wonderful. I'm thinking about making the Christmas Chow. Everyone would love that. My daughter-in-law makes a delicious candy that is peanut butter on the inside and chocolate outside. I look forward to it every Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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