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"look for less" january challenge

It's that time again! We're having our January "look for less" design challenge! (If you missed the last one - you can check it out HERE)

The idea behind this challenge is to find a look you absolutely love but cost more than you're like to spend and then DIY it on a budget for much less than what you could buy it for. Since I am always looking for a bargain (and always DIYing something rather than buying it) this challenge is right up my alley!
Please meet the other girls participating in the challenge:
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my January "look for less" project:
diy bathtub caddy

I got my inspiration for this bathtub caddy from none other than Anthroplogie (it's only my favorite store). The shower caddy from Anthropologie cost $168. It's beautiful, rustic, has a little spot for a wine glass - absolutely perfect. The only thing not perfect for me was the price. Living on a budget makes you look at things differently. I looked at that beautiful shower caddy and thought "my husband could make me one of those!"... and so the project began.

Since Adam is the carpenter in our family, he took this project on as his own. I helped along the way with drawings, dimensions, etc. 

Here's how the process went:

1) I measured our new tub and came up with these basic dimensions. I knew I wanted it to be 4 boards wide (which put it around 11"-12") and the width from the wall to the edge of the tub was 29":

Doing the dimensions and drawings prior to any shopping gave us an idea of how much material we'd need to buy.

2) Next, Adam ran to Lowe's to pick up the wood we needed. If you're making your own, here's a list of what you'll need:

shopping list
 two 2x4s (or at least 10' of board)
one 1x2 for the "legs" (or at least 2' of board)
water-based polyurethane
foam brush for applying poly
wood screws

(We used poplar because it is inexpensive, easy to work with and matches other things in our bathroom.
You can use whatever type of wood you'd like - and stain it if you'd like a different look.)

3) After everything was purchased, it was time to cut the pieces down to size. Using his circular saw, Adam cut the 2x4s into 29" pieces (making sure the ends lined up perfectly). The 1x2 was cut into 2 pieces - both were 11" long.

4) Prior to assembly, everything was thoroughly sanded and coated 4-5 times with polyurethane to keep it safe from water. We did the poly before assembly because it would have been too hard to get into all the cracks afterward. Once everything had dried, Adam screwed the 1x2 pieces into the 2x4s to hold everything together.

I am absolutely in LOVE (with my husband ANNNDDD my new bathtub caddy). 
I can't wait for many bubble baths, books & wine (or orange juice) this winter.


If you think my project is cool, make sure you check out the other projects done by the other design challenge ladies. They are so amazing - and they blow mine out of the water!!

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  1. Hi Shannon, as always I love your stunning projects! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. LOVE this! I've been toying around with the idea of making my own, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. This turned out so nice! I actually have one of these on my DIY To-Do List, so I'm so happy you shared your instructions. I'm one step closer! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  4. i neeeeed one of these i'm going to ask my husband (also an Adam hey!) to make me one! pinning it too!

  5. Shannon this is great!! One day I'm gonna have a bathtub to take bubble baths and I'm pinning this so I can make me one of these too! PS> Love your drawings yall got fancy and brought out the graph paper!! I typically use napkins :)

  6. Hi Shannon, nice blog you have. I'm gonna
    To follow you. Grtz Chantal from blog HaakBrei-n

  7. This is wonderful! I have seen many of these, but just not willing to spend the cash on them. This one seems affordable, and very simple to make! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Every woman needs one of these! What a cost savings - l just love it!

  9. I love this idea! You can't take a bath without a glass of wine and book in hand and this makes it so much easier to do just that!


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