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mason jar candles

*** this project was originally shared as a guest post on cocktails with mom ***

I am a huge fan of small projects that can add a little fun to ordinary objects. Today I'll be sharing a few quick & easy ways to spruce up a couple of plain mason jars. Mason jars are so versatile that I find myself using them for everything. My newest obsession is candles. These floating candle holders are perfect for indoors or outdoors. You can use floating candles [like I did] or you could go one step further and fill your jars with scented wax & a wick for a true jar candle. Either way, you'll be left with a cute, functional way to brighten any occasion.

... what you'll need ...

mason jars
floating candles
burlap ribbon
yarn or cotton hemp
hot glue gun
other hemp, ribbons, etc.

... what I did ...

For Jar #1, I took an extra long piece of my blue cotton hemp (maybe 3-4 arm lengths) and started wrapping it around my narrow jar. Each time I wrapped it around I tied a basic knot and went back around the jar in the opposite direction. I wrapped & tied until I had a small band of hemp. I ended it at the top with a basic bow.

I removed the metal (flat) lid, filled my jar with water & placed a small floating candle inside.

For Jar #2, I wrapped my burlap ribbon around the jar twice & cut the length I needed. I marked a spot on the burlap at the "front" of the jar, slipped my burlap off and stamped a "B" with a rubber stamp. Using hot glue, I attached the burlap to the jar and finished it off with a hemp bow at the top.

I also removed the metal (flat) lid on this jar, filled it with water & placed a small floating candle inside.

These simple updates took me less than 15 minutes to complete, but they give my boring mason jars some fun flair. They'll be perfect for Summer cook outs - yes (despite the snow) I am already dreaming of Summer!

What low budget items have you spruced up lately? I'd love to know!



  1. They are so cute, I love the stamped Letter on the burlap

  2. This is so creative!! Thanks for sharing!!


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