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After Adam and I got engaged in October 2010, wedding plans began immediately! I knew we had to find a venue ASAP (because a couple places I casually looked at were booked up for a year and half – I couldn’t believe it!). Once we decided on a venue and a date I knew I wanted to make my own Save The Dates. It gave me the freedom to do exactly what I wanted and they were very “budget friendly”

 We loved how they turned out. After finishing our picture wall I had a few left over pictures that didn’t find a spot in frames. Since I had some materials left over from my Save The Dates I decided to make a few more magnets for our refrigerator and chalk board.


Here’s what you’ll need:

1.     pictures (or other things you want to make into a magnet)
2.     magnets (bought by the sheet)
3.     a straight edge and exacto knife

Start by cutting your picture down to the desired size (I have been on a “square” kick but you can choose to leave your pictures 4x6 if you’d like).

Turn your magnet sheet over and roughly trace your picture onto the paper. Cut out your magnet with and exacto blade and straight edge (scissors work great too if that’s all you have).

Peal off the paper backing and stick your picture to the magnet. Make sure you get your picture in the right spot the first time because the adhesive isn’t very forgiving. You can always trim off extra picture or magnet that doesn’t line up perfectly. I had to trim all of my magnets down to the correct size – it helps make the edges look nice and finished.

The sheet magnets are also good for magnets that aren’t square. I took the Valentine’s Day card my parents sent me, cut it out in a heart shape, and made it into a magnet using the steps above. I stuck my heart shape to a square pieces of magnet and cut off the extra magnet around it.

Here’s how they turned out! 
This quick and easy project can brighten up your refrigerator.

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