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"make your own" calendar

Adam and I bought each other a new Nikon camera for Christmas, so we didn’t spend a whole lot of additional money on each other for gifts. I knew I wanted to make him something unique that would fit into my small Christmas budget.

I’m an avid YoungHouseLove reader and I think the calendars they make each year are adorable. Looking through their past calendars I saw one that I thought would be perfect for us. They even put a file on their blog that you can download into Photoshop to make your own calendar. I decided on their calendar from 2011 so instead of downloading their files (knowing I’d have to change the pictures, dates, etc.) I just used their idea and made my own template. Plus, I’m OK at Photoshop, but I prefer to use InDesign.

Here is how my calendar pages turned out!

It’s the perfect size for the side of our refrigerator (7 x 11) and it was really fun to make and inexpensive to get printed. If you have your own printer at home this project could be practically free! I went to Staples and ended up spending $12 (which is pretty cheap for a custom calendar).

Adam liked his gift – but I think I probably like it more than he does.

Did anyone else make a fun personalized calendar this year? 
If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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