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easy peasy hair clip

Like I’ve mentioned before, curly hair can be hard to handle. 

That’s why I’m always looking for a new clip or headband to tame the “sometimes frizzy, always doing whatever IT wants to do” hair of mine. The other day I was board with some of my other hair accessory options and decided to whip up a cute fabric barrette to add to my collection.


Here is what you’ll need to make your own:

small scrap of pretty fabric
small scrap of felt
needle and thread
some sort of barrette
fabric glue
something round to use as a template

I used a funnel as my “sometime round” since it was close at hand. Keep in mind that your final piece will be about half the size of your starting circle. Trace your round object onto the wrong side of your fabric and cut out.

With your needle and thread (on the wrong side of your fabric), begin a running stitch close to the edge of your fabric. Stitch all the way around your circle. Your spacing doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t sweat this step.

When you’ve gone all the way around your circle, begin to lightly sinch in your fabric toward the middle. 
You’ll need to pull and spread your fabric to make your circle even and pretty. 
Secure your thread with a knot or 2 of the back of your fabric. You’ve just created a simple yo-yo.

With needle and thread, secure your button over the center of your yo-yo. 
If you choose, add a little dot of fabric glue to make it extra durable.

Now – to attach your barrette:

Cut a small circle of felt that will fit nicely over the back of your yo-yo. 
Cut a small slit in your felt and slip the small part of your clip through this slit. 
Apply fabric glue to your barrette and the felt and press and hold this to your yo-yo.

Once dry, throw your brand new clip in your hair and you’re ready to go! 

The fun thing about this clip is:

 1) it’s quick and easy to make
2) you can make them in many different colors and sizes 
3) they’re all unique depending on what kind of fabric and button you use

As always, my hair appreciates a clip – I hope yours does to.

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