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christmas crafts for kids

I think I love little kids crafts just as much as any other type of craft! We had our annual Christmas party at work the other night and I was in charge of the kids craft. I thought something easy (and yummy) would be the perfect thing. These little Christmas mice and reindeer are fun crafts for kids of all ages and they are made using simple supplies. Here are the instructions for both:
Christmas mice

These sweet little mice are easy and fun to make. 
Here is what you'll need:

candy canes
craft foam
glues (hot glue works best but it's your call)
small pom poms for eyes and nose

Using the mouse pattern, cut out a body & ears in any color craft foam. Slide the ears throw the "ear slits" and glue smaller ear pieces to them. Attach the eyes and nose and allow to dry completely. Once dry, slip a candy cane in the second slit for the tail and your mouse is ready to hang on the tree!

Reindeer Candy Canes

The reindeer are super simple to make as well. They are so cute!
Here is what you'll need:

candy canes
brown pipecleaners
googley eyes
pom poms for the nose
glue (again, hot glue worked best, but it's your call)

[Hot] glue a nose and eyes to the curve of your candy cane. Once dry, twist a brown pipe cleaner around the bend. Kink the pipe cleaner to make antlers.
With a few simple supplies, you can make both of these fun crafts with your own little crafters. They look adorable on your Christmas tree and they can also make a tasty little snack.
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