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holiday candles

This time of year I love to burn candles. There is something so warm and cozy about them. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your basic candles to make them a little more fun & festive. These candles were made with things I had around the house. Here's how you can make your own:

Coffee Candle

Find a suitable little glass votive (1 big and one small to hold your candle). I picked up this candle holder at Michael' had the small candle holder built in - perfect! Next, fill the votive with coffee beans and insert a little tealight candle. When you burn the candle, it heats up the beans and makes your house smell like fresh brewed coffee. YUM!

"Snowy" Votive

Pick up 2 small tea light candle holders from the craft store. Coat with a thick layer of mod podge and sprinkle with sea salt. Allow to dry. Once dry, the salt will still be slightly loose, so apply a thick layer of mod podge on top to secure it to the glass. Once completely dry, insert a candle & enjoy your "Snowy" votive.

What other fun candle crafts ideas do you have?

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the coffee bean one especially. Does it smell delicious when the candle is lit?

  2. Hey Shannon, It turned out great. I love the smell of coffee (although not the taste, haha)

    Thanks for linking up last week at the Humble Brag. Hope you'll come back tomorrow to link up. Also the Silhouette Cameo giveaway ends this weekend!


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