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fingerprint gift tags

I love kraft paper. I have always wrapped gifts in it because you can decorate it however you choose (so many options)! When I saw these Kraft paper gift tags I knew I wanted to make some cute little tags for the holidays for any colorful gift bags I may end up using.

With being busy, I wanted to come up with a cute tag that I could whip up pretty quickly. I have seen some cute snowman fingerprint ornaments around on the web and thought they would make darling gift tags as well.

I simple dipped my fingers in paint and made prints for the body. Once dry, I painted on buttons and a little orange nose. Simple & fun.

I think homemade gift tags make giving presents even more fun! You can check out some of my other gift tag ideas here & here. What type of gift tags are you using this year?
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  1. How cute! My daughter would love making these with me! So glad I found your blog. I'd love for you to link these up to my weekly link party.

  2. Oh my, these are a adorable! I will have to remember this for next year to do with my son - he would love it :) I hope you're having a great week!


  3. Oh my Gosh! those are sooo darling! :)

  4. These are so cute!! :) Love the plain brown paper tags too, so simple and elegant!

  5. So cute! I would love if you would link up to Fall Into the Holidays, open Saturday through Thursday-

    Katie @ Horrific Knits

  6. Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. What an awesome idea! You could also cut some from paper bags...a way to recycle as well! I love your blog...just stopped over from "We Did It Wednesday"...I will be back!

    Sweet blessings,

  8. Featuring these cute tags today, thanks for sharing!

  9. How simple but so clever!! Pinning.

    Merry Christmas!!


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