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dino t-shirt

I had heard such wonderful things about using freezer paper for art projects but had never given it a shot. I figured it was time to give it go... so I decided to make this little guy t-shirt for a friend of mine's son who just turned 1. I used the same little dinosaur from this project and I think he turned out pretty cute!


Here's what you'll need to make your own:

t-shirt (pre-washed)
fabric paint
foam brush
freezer paper
exacto blade/scissors
scrap piece of cardboard
iron/ironing board

[1] start by tracing your design onto a piece of freezer paper

[2] using our exacto blade (or scissors), carefully cut out your design. 
Whatever you cut out will be painted onto your shirt.

[3] iron your freezer paper template directly onto your t-shirt (shiny side against your fabric).

[4] apply 2 thin and even coats of fabric paint to your shirt and patiently wait for it to dry (follow the directions on your paint).

[5] Once dry, carefully peal off your freezer paper.
...almost done!

Decorate the rest of your shirt with some squeezy fabric paint and other fun things.
I used a sponge and brush to make spikes and puffy paint for additional spots on the dinosaurs belly and spikes.

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