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mint tea

One of the many things Adam and I have in common is this: 
we both love mint tea (& mojitos)

This Spring we got the itch to plant a little herb garden. Seeing as though I have a black thumb, we decided to plant something we knew we both hopefully wouldn't kill... MINT!

We took a little trip to Stauffer's and we brought home three plants...
we could already smell it's potential.

When we got home, we didn't really like any of our pots that we had on hand to plant our mint. So we decided to make our own... and let me clarify, when I say "we"... I mean to say my husband. He built the whole thing by himself (I only helped carry it outside - it's heavy).

I'm sorry there are not "step by step" instructions on how to make this planter, but I'm hoping that seeing our pictures will inspire you to build your own.

...and if you need a little step by step help, here are a few tutorials I found online that I thought would be fun: promised by the tile of this post, here is a yummy Mint Tea recipe to try:

Garden Mint Sun Tea

5 heaping tablespoons of loose leaf black tea
8 cups of filtered water
large glass pitcher with lid
1 cup of fresh mint (crushed and thoroughly washed)
Lemon rinds
A hot and bright sunny, summer day

Directions: Combine all ingredients in glass pitcher and cover with lid. Set in the sun for 6 to 8 hours. Add desired sweetener (if necessary).

Easy right? I can't wait for our mint to grow so we can try this out!

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