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paint swatch bookmark

Since I've been on a paint swatch kick, I figured...why stop now? If the paint swatch notebooks aren't your cup of tea, maybe you'll like this project better for using up your leftover paint swatches.

Cute and simple right?

Here's what you'll need to make your own:

Paint swatches
transfer carbon paper
hole punch
ball point pen
piece of ribbon or hemp
design of your choice

[1] Start by picking out your paint swatch (so many colors to choose from!)

[2] Cut out a piece of carbon paper to fit your paint swatch. 
Roughly cut out your design while you're at it.

[3] Place your design on top of your carbon paper and place that on top of your paint swatch.
Using your ball point pen, trace the lines of your design.

[4] Punch a hole in the top of your bookmark and tie some ribbon or hemp through the loop.
I did a few square knots to finish mine off.

Now all you need to do is sit down with a good book.
...or make a bookmark for every book you own. You decide.

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