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little fabric flower

I can't take ANY credit for this flower whatsoever....[other than the fact that I made this one].... because I used a pattern that I found here. I couldn't get over how cute it was so I decided to make some of my own.    I followed the pattern pretty much step by step, but I thought my step-by-step was worth sharing. So without further ado... Here goes!


Here's what you'll need to make your own:

enough fabric for (6) 3.5" squares, (6) 2.5" squares and a button cover
fabric glue, scissors, needle, thread, etc.
cardboard for a template (optional)
button covering kit


[1] Start by cutting your fabric to size

You could use multiple fabric scraps for a colorful flower...
but I chose this fabric since it had a bunch of color/pattern in it already.

[2] Starting with a single square, fold in half diagonally

[3] Fold bottom left and right corners up to meet the top in the middle

[4] Flip your little square over and fold the bottom and top corners toward the middle...
(you'll be folding in toward the seam on the other side - see picture below)

[5] Fold petal in half (along the dashed line illustrated above) so the small triangles you made in step 4 are touching.

Voila! Your first petal... tac together on the bottom so it doesn't come apart.
Cut off extra fabric at the bottom of the petal when you're finished.

finished petal

Repeat these steps to create the other 11 petals.

When all of your petals are made, you're ready to construct your flower:

[6] Using a needle and thread (or in my case, embroidery floss) thread your petals together.
Once you get back to the first petal, try a small knot to secure. 
Make sure you don't pull to tight or your flower will get distorted.

[7] Finish by adorning with a button of your choice!

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