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family room reveal

When we first bought our house, we didn't fall in love with it for the way it was. In fact, we really had to use our imagination before we even stepped foot in the front door. What we fell in love with were certain elements of the house and from there we began working on turning it into our dream home. A little vision goes along way! Plus... you know... some blood, sweat & tears help too.

The room we really loved when we purchased our 1950s ranch was the family room. It is a large, bright room with original built-ins flanking a stone fireplace that had never been burned in! We were ecstatic over the possibilities this room held.

A little over 2 years later and that ruby red "before" room now looks like this:

... breakdown of what we've done ...

:: tore out the carpet (4 hours after getting the keys) and refinished the oak floors (with the help of our parents) before moving in a month after settling
:: gave everything a fresh coat of paint (walls, trim, built-ins & mantle)
:: added a pop of grey to the back of the built-ins to give them some life
:: re-tiled the flat hearth in front of the fireplace
:: hung curtains
:: built a sofa table to run under the extremely large picture windows
:: wall mounted the tv & built a custom entertainment center
:: saved up our money to buy a new couch!
:: made new pillows for the couch (using this process)
:: added some character to our sofa table with our cactus house
:: added some "air plant art" above the fireplace mantle
:: had gas logs installed in the fireplace
:: defined the whole room with Flor tiles to make everything feel cozy
:: added new knobs to the built ins to add a little more of our eclectic personalities to the space
:: built tree stump side tables
:: hung some fun art 
:: brought in some "no maintenance" plants in the form of paper flowers, knit cacti & pom pom flowers.

My advice to anyone designing a space - take your time, only add in things that you absolutely LOVE and you will have a space in the end that you can't help but be proud of.

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  1. Everything looks wonderful! Kudos to you for seeing past the obvious eye sores.

  2. You have great style, Shannon. Lovely. Happy 4th!

  3. Oh my goodness Shannon it looks amazing!!!! I need some flor tiles... Haha

  4. Wow! What a fantastic transformation! It looks really amazing.

  5. Wow! Your family looks really good! I love the wood floors and the rug. The paint in the built-ins is a great touch. It makes the fireplace pop more. And I love your furniture, especially the gray couch and tree stump table! Just fabulous!

  6. Hi Shannon! I found you today through better / after... Just wanted to say I love the finished room! I think the Flor tiles are my favorite part. I love how you laid them out!

  7. Amazing job! Congrats and enjoy your new space!

  8. Coming over from Better After. Your room is gorgeous! Way to go!

  9. Your room is gorgeous! Great job!

  10. gorgeous room, i am totally in sync with your taste. i have been hunting for a coffee table like yours, where did you get it?

    1. Thank Libby! We found it at a salvage place called "Second Chance" in Baltimore.


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