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Last weekend was my sister-in-laws baby shower. Miss Sadie is due in March and we couldn’t be more excited to for her arrival. When I saw this diaper strap on Pinterest, I knew that it would be perfect for a busy mom like Laura. You can wrap up a few diapers and some wipes, toss it in your purse and go. Plus, it’s cute… which is key. 

Here is what you’ll need:

1.     Two pieces of coordinating fabric
Main fabric: 9”x15”
Accent fabric: 9”x4”
                                               …or you can use a single piece of fabric  (9”x19”)
2.     Piece of muslin: 9"x19"
3.     Small piece of velcro
4.     Coordinating embroidery floss
5.     Coordinating button
6. Liquid Stitch (or other fabric glue)
7.     Iron/ironing board

Start by ironing your fabric. Once ironed, cut your main fabric into a 
9”x15” rectangle and your accent fabric into a 9”x4” rectangle.

Place your accent fabric on top of your main fabric with right sides together. 
Sew to join your two fabrics together.

 Iron your seam flat and top stitch across where you just sewed. 
This will help your joined fabric lay flat. Plus, I think it makes it look nice and finished. 
I chose to use a contrasting thread, but you can use whatever you like.

without top stich

with top stich
Next, you’ll place your joined fabric wrong side up on your ironing board and 
lay your 9”x19” piece of muslin on top. You might need to trim a little bit of the muslin 
off of one end to make your pieces even. Iron in half long ways.

Next, unfold what you just ironed in half and iron the bottom up to 
meet the middle and iron the top down to meet the middle.

From here, you’ll iron both short ends in about ½”


Fold your piece in half again (like you did when you first started ironing) 
and press really well. Your diaper strap is now constructed.

From here, decide which side is going to be your “good” side and which is going to be your “wrong” side [both sides will be pretty, but I chose based on how my fabric pattern looked].

Now is when you’ll attach your Velcro. In this step, I would also attach my label [I made this diaper strap before I had made my labels - but on other diaper straps I've made since, I chose to put my tag below my "rough" velcro].

Since I wanted the black polka dot end to be where I put my button, I sewed a small piece of “rough” velco on this end on the “wrong” side of my diaper strap. To do so, unfold your diaper strap in ½ and machine sew on your velco. This way, when you fold your diaper strap back together, the underside of the sewing will be hidden inside your strap making your finished project look nice and clean.

Repeat this step with the “soft” velco. Turn your strap over to the “good” side and place velco on the opposite end of your strap from your “rough” velco. Make sure you test this before you sew it on to make sure your velco placement is in the correct spot [Note: I use a bigger piece of “soft” velco to give the strap some flexibility with size when there are more/less diapers in it]. It should look like this when your strap is folded:

Now is when you’ll sew your strap together! 

I sewed with my “good” side up (about an 1/8” in from the edge) and 
tied off my thread ends so everything looked nice and finished.

Almost done! 

From here, I took my button and embroidery thread and “fake” sewed it. By this, I mean that I stitched my embroidery thread through my button a few times then took some Liquid Stitch and glued my button to my diaper strap. I did this because the button is just for looks – it doesn’t operate like a normal button since I used velco to close my strap.

After I glued my button on, I placed a few heavy books on top of it to make sure it stuck on there really well. When I removed my books, I was left with this – an adorable little diaper strap for my sister-in-law to hold little Miss Sadie’s diapers.

Stay tuned!

I plan to do a tutorial soon for the paci holder and the flower headband that was part of her shower gift. All of these projects perfectly complimented the little onesie dress I made for her by following this pattern.

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  1. Hi ! Just found your blog through Pinterest and loved this idea ... and some others ...
    I'm from Mexico, so I have a question regarding a material, which I dont know what it is ... muslin. Is this something like the fusible interfacing? Im sorry, but terms in english could be confusing for me sometimes :) .... thanks for your answer ....


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