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paci holder

I have seen these clever inventions before, but I decided to make my own to go along with my sister-in-laws other baby shower gifts. Babies are famous for throwing their pacifier on the ground, so hopefully this cute little holder will save Laura from the “if I drop it I know you’ll pick it up” game…


Here’s what you’ll need:

small piece of fabric (roughly 3” x 15”)
a suspender/mitten clip
small piece of Velcro
pacifier with a loop

I’ll start by saying that this method is very similar to the method used to make the Diaper Strap

First, cut your fabric to 3” x 15”

Fold in short sides about 1/2" and press

Iron your fabric in half [now you should have a piece that is 1.5”x14”]

 Unfold your fabric and press the bottom edge up to meet the middle and 
press the top edge down to meet the middle [this will hide your raw edges].

Fold your fabric in half  [like you did when you first started ironing] and press really well. 
Your piece should be about ¾” wide now.

From here, decide which side is going to be your "good" side and which is going to be your "wrong" side [both sides will be pretty, but I chose based on how my fabric pattern looks]. I ironed on my label about 1.5" from the end that will have the mitten clip. Then, I unfolded my holder and did a topstitch around my label.

Now is when you'll attach your velcro. See image below on velcro placement. With your paci holder unfolded, machine sew on your velco on the same side as your tag (on the opposite end). This way, when you fold your paci holder back together, the underside of the sewing will be hidden inside your holder making your finished product look nice and clean.

After your velcro is attached, slide your suspender/mitten clip onto the opposite end from the velcro and fold your fabric over onto itself.  Top stitch around all 4 sides of your paci holder [starting with the side with the clip - pivot your needle when you need to turn]. I chose to use a contrasting color, but you can use whatever you like.

You’re done!
Attach a pacifier to your new holder and clip it onto the outfit of a cute little kid.

Here is my sister-in-laws shower gift that accompanied the paci holder:

I made the onesie dress from this tutorial.
You can make the diaper strap here.
...and the flower headband tutorial here.


  1. Wish we had the Paci Holder back in the day when you were a baby. Neat idea and of course they look wonderful. Love, Daddy

  2. stunning! So love your ideas! Q, Cape Town South Africa


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