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I’ve been wanting to make some personalized labels to put onto my “handmade goods”…something little and simple that helps make things look a little more official. I’ve seen a few different ways that people have made tags but when I stumbled upon Iron On Quick Fuse fabric sheets at Joann’s for $5 (for 3 sheets) I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a shot. Here’s how they turned out…and a simple how to on how to make your own.

What You’ll need:

Iron On Quick Fuse fabric sheets
Computer (with Microsoft Word or Adobe)
Ink jet printer
Iron/ironing board
Scissors, rotary cutter, mat, etc.

First, I opened up my computer and started up my InDesign program. If you don’t have access to an adobe program, Microsoft Word will work perfectly (especially if you’re just doing letters – like mine).

I knew I wanted to keep my labels small and simple – and I wanted to use “Sewing Barefoot” as my logo. I laid out my letters and picked a size and a font that looked nice.  I used a font called “Matilde” with a size of 24 pt. After I had my design finished, I copied and pasted as many logos as I could fit onto a page (I got 54 onto my page). Side note: now that mine are done and I've been using them on a regular basis, I realize that I could have probably fit more onto a page - squish them in so you don't waste any fabric paper.

Before printing on your special fabric paper, I suggest printing a test copy first. Figure out how to insert your paper during this step. I was using a basic laser jet printer so I put the fabric side down (which was the side I wanted to print on). Once everything looks good put your special paper in the tray and print your labels. This is what I ended up with:

I cut out my individual tags with my rotary cutter and a straight edge and they were ready to iron onto my projects.

Be sure you read the care instructions on the back of your “Quick Fuse”. Mine says that it shouldn’t be put in the laundry with detergent. I’ll only be able to use my labels on items that won’t be washed (I’ll have to figure out a different tag option for any clothing I make).

Also, it said to iron on the labels with no steam (read all the instructions - they actually provide good info).

Once I ironed on my label, I chose to top stitch around it - this step is optional because once you iron those things on they won't move! You won't have to worry about them coming off. I just did this for looks.

 I’m really happy with how they turned out and I think my tags will make my projects look more official (and personalized).

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  1. I just used these sheets for this exact thing and did a few test runs. I put them all through the wash on my normal cycle with regular detergent and they came out of the dryer just fine. I'd test your specific printer's ink through the wash before I put it on anything formal, though. Just to be sure.


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