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paper flowers

I'd be the first one to tell you that I sort of went crazy with DIY projects when we got married back in 2011. I had so much fun with wedding planning I knew that the small details were really going to make it memorable for us and our guests. One of my projects involved attaching paper flowers to ballpoint pens which then sat at our "guest book" table - they were not only functional but they were cute!

photo by Heather Brincko
We loved them so much that we now have these paper flowers a few different places in our home. They are fun, easy to take care of, and are a unique alternative to the real thing. 


Here is what you'll need to make your own paper flowers:

vellum paper
another type of construction paper (I used a bamboo paper)
Scrap piece of cardboard
White glue 
Floral cloth stem wires
Decorative beads (mine are pearl-like)
Needle nose pliers (not pictured - but they'll come in handy)


Start by using your compass to make a 3-1/4" circle template with your cardboard. You'll use this template to create the circles on your vellum/bamboo paper for your flowers.

Trace and cut out 10-15 circles (the more - the merrier... trust me, once you get started you'll want to make a bunch!). Follow the steps below (fold your circle in half... then again in quarters... and finally once more in eighths). You'll end up with a pie shaped piece.

Next, take your scissors and cut your wedge into an "ice cream cone" shape. Then, unfold your circle. Cut off a single petal on your flower (you'll now have 7 petals).

Add a few small drops of glue to a petal next to the one you just cut off and overlap the two petals to form your flower.

Allow your flower to dry. 

Once dry, crease each petal in half to give your flower a more defined look. Using a cloth stem, poke a small hole in the bottom of your flower. Slip a bead on one end of your stem and fold the wire over and wrap it around itself a few times to secure the bead (this is where those needle nose pliers come in handy)! Slide your stem through your flower and secure with a small dot of glue.

Repeat the steps above to make a whole handful of paper flowers to put in your house. These are the best, because they never die and you don't have to water them!



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  2. So pretty! Where was the internet back when we got married on a budget!


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